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Backed up: (UpdraftPlus 1.23.3) 2023-08-14 15:14

Backup of:
UpdraftPlus WordPress backup is complete.
Backup contains: Files and database (Full backup)
Latest status: The backup apparently succeeded and is now complete

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* UpdraftPlus releases free WordPress migration features (9 August 2023)
* UpdraftPlus Plugin Suite Update: All-In-One Security (AIOS) WordPress Security Plugin release 5.2.0 (17 July 2023)
* UpdraftPlus 1.23.7: Resolves Dropbox and Remote Storage Issues (14 July 2023)
* Essential Addons for Elementor Reveals a Critical Security Vulnerability (7 June 2023)
* Apply via GoHire (22 May 2023)
* Making the most of WordPress 6.2 (30 March 2023)

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